Extruded Aluminium: A Very Versatile Material.

Aluminum extrusion in manufacturing is basically the process of pushing heated aluminum through a die. This should produce of length of aluminum with a uniform cross section. Very complex shapes can be produced with a resulting high finish. There are a number of important points. The initial die has to be produced to the highest possible standard. Any imperfections and inaccuracies in the die will be reproduced in all of the extruded aluminum from that die. The extrusion process has to be carefully monitored. Any problems during manufacture could cause inaccuracies and damage to the final extruded product. The aim is to produce a uniform result every time. The aluminium extrusion manufacturers will aim to ensure that all extruded products are of the best quality.

Available Products

Aluminum is a very versatile material. It can be used for a variety of different items. Therefore, aluminium extrusion manufacturers can supply a range of different products. These include cases and frames, automotive parts of all kinds. These automotive items include, roof racks, roof rails, and side steps,

The Full Process

Once the aluminum has been extruded, there are a number of other processes that need to be undertaken.

This starts with cutting the aluminum, followed by any drilling that might be required. Further processes include machining and punching, along with possible bending leading to the final assembly etc.

Aluminum Window Frames

The aluminum extrusion process can guarantee that parallel window frames can be produced without distortion or wrapping. There are a other benefits of using aluminum frames. There is a lot less heat loss or heat gain through the frames of an installed window than other materials such as timber or uPVC. Therefore, the CO2 saved by a double glazed aluminum window in a year in gas heated room, is three times greater than the CO2 generated for the production of the aluminum window frame. Aluminum is a very durable material. There will be no swelling, warping, cracking or splitting which may be the case with other materials. It can be used in a range of different climate conditions. It is also a lot cheaper than other equivalent frames. Given the versatility of the production process then a whole range of different window designs can also be created. Finishes can easily be added to the aluminum frame. If eventually replaced, aluminum is one of the most recycled metals. It only takes 5% of the original energy needed to recycle aluminum.

Curtain Walls

A curtain wall is a non structural extension to a building. Again extruded aluminum is used for providing the frames for any glass or materials used for these walls. These could cover much larger areas than those needed for window frames. Being in an exposed external location, these curtain walls might be subjected to large thermal contraction and expansion. There is also the possibility of a building moving and swaying in strong winds. They would also have to contend with fierce rain storms and wind gusts. Being light weight but also strong then aluminum has proved to be one of the best materials to use in curtain walls. Again, the precise extruded aluminum will guarantee a parallel frame.

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