Preventive Maintenance Tips: Making the Most of Your Asphalt Pavements

Building owners and businesses should have a maintenance checklist for the interior and exterior parts of their properties to ensure that they last longer and that they are able to make the most of their investments. These should include asphalt repairs Brisbane has on interior roads and parking lots. By ensuring there is regular maintenance, properties are kept in pristine condition for a long period. This helps prevent costly replacements in the future.

Even the highest quality of asphalt pavement wouldn’t be able to escape natural wear and tear. This is why building owners and businesses are challenged time and again on how to implement maintenance measures that will help them keep asphalt roads and parking lots last longer.

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Here’s a checklist of asphalt preventive maintenance for your interior roads and parking lots.

  1. Crack filling

This is also known as the “blow and go” process wherein cracks are blown and cleaned before the crack filler material is installed. Asphalt repairs Brisbane experts need to make sure that this part is done properly to prevent water infiltration into the cracks, which could cause the pavement system or parking lot to weaken. However, crack filling is only advisable for wider, non-working cracks.

If the crack filling is done right, its life expectancy can reach up to three years. Some of the materials commonly used by Brisbane asphalt repairs to fill cracks include fiberised asphalt, asphalt emulsions, polymer-modified emulsions, and asphalt cement.

  1. Crack sealing

Sealcoating asphalt surfaces are important to protect them against oxidation and damage from oil, salt, and gas. This process is also necessary to weatherise the pavement or parking lot, helping prevent water intrusion, which is the number cause of pothole formation.

Sealing cracks is done by grinding the cracks to make them wider to create a reservoir for the rubberised seal-coating material, which could be graded asphalt rubber.

Once the asphalt is installed by your contractors for asphalt repairs in Brisbane, sealing must be done within six months to one year. Then, it should be repeated after every two years, depending on traffic, wear and tear, and weather conditions. Life expectancy for crack sealing is between three and five years.

  1. Pothole repair

Potholes form when water permeates the pavement through a crack. When combined with natural wear and tear, the soil underneath the crack will soon soften and then, unravel and breakdown, creating a pothole.

Thanks to the mild temperatures in Australia, repairing potholes can be done year-round with the help of asphalt repairs Brisbane contractors.

  1. Asphalt replacement

It can be hard for someone who has no experience to tell whether it’s time for asphalt replacement or not just by looking at the pavement. This is why you need to leave this job to the experts.

By calling only experienced and highly recommended contractors in asphalt repair and maintenance, you can be sure that only the highest quality products are used and that they comply with industry standards to ensure the best results.

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