The Importance of Carrying Out Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical investigation are generally carried out for the purpose of investigating geological and soil conditions of a particular property and also offering recommendations as well design criteria for construction in the property. Geotechnical investigation covers many areas and includes things such as mapping, sampling, on-site exploration as well as lab testing of the samples which have been obtained from a particular site. The data which has been collected from the investigations is then analyzed and used as a geotechnical criteria for various structures and construction projects being carried out.

The data can be used in order to determine criteria for foundations, site grading and retaining walls amongst others. After a thorough investigation of the site, the geotechnical specialist is supposed to provide a report that offers a summary of the findings and conclusions with regards to the geotechnical impact of the site being worked on. The geotechnical engineers will also provide recommendations on the most suitable criteria for construction for a particular site based on the geotechnical data. Check Alliance Geotechnical Pty Ltd for more details.

A good consultant is supposed to provide contractors with anticipated effects of the features to be constructed on a particular site along with the impact of the developments on the land. The most efficient building methods for a particular site are generally ensured by the geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, architects, structural engineers along with the client. Geotechnical investigation is not expensive but its impact is momentous. It will only cost a small percentage of the total project costs but it will eliminate potentially bigger costs that could run into millions of dollars into the future.

Geotechnical engineers generally work in various phases in order to collect data and prepare reports that will go into decision making with regards to site selection. These include the following:

·         The process starts with project definition. This is prepared by the project owner specifying their requirements.

·         The project definition will require certain specifications including service life of the structure, loading as well as settlement, and the proposed schedule for the design and construction of the structure.

·         Preliminary evaluation of the project and the site. This action is performed by the geotechnical consultant that has been selected for the geotechnical investigations.

·         This will also include carrying out a preliminary site review based on past geotechnical investigations. This process is also generally also based on literature review. The consultant will also carry out design selections based on published literature on the site.

·         The evaluation and consensus by the owner can then be used in developing detail of the site investigation.

·         Actual site investigation and lab testing of the samples collected from the sites.

·         Geotechnical report preparation along with recommendations for the project owners.

This is a highly technical and specialized task and it is, therefore, advisable, to find geotechnical investigation consultant with the right expertise and experience in order to carry out competent analysis and report preparation. It is also advisable to look at the geotechnical investigations service portfolio of the company that you are planning to contract in order to ensure they have the scalability and versatility to carry out projects of varying complexity.

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